On the M1 ( a motorway going from the Gold Coast to Brisbane) is a huge sign that says FEAR LESS. I couldn’t tell you what it is advertising, however, each time I see it the Lord reminds me to fear less.

We all have areas of fear and we know we are to fear less.

The opposite of fear is trust – trusting God, and those He has given to us to speak into our lives.

However, if we take the word FEARLESS it says the opposite. A fearless people are those who have overcome fear and choose to do what the Lord requires, despite their fears. 

The differences between FEAR LESS and FEARLESS is in the intonation as we say the words and the gap between the words FEAR LESS and FEARLESS. FEAR LESS is two words. FEARLESS as one word.

That gap is like a symbol of how much we trust the Lord. To the degree that we fear is to the degree that we distrust Him. The Lord showed me a picture: between the gap FEAR LESS is the cross of Jesus. 

When we overcome we go from a person told to FEAR LESS to a FEARLESS person.

God is raising up fearless women in this hour, women prepared to face their fears, repent of them, choose to overcome, and live in victory. 

Watch out enemy - an army of FEARLESS women is arising in this hour!


Rev Glenice Mills
WAA Coordinator Australia

Bonita Mills