The Battle Continues

The Lord woke me up the other night and told me, “The battle is not over for women caught in the church who are unable to be who they are called to be because of religious constraints.” 

God highlighted to me there are many who are searching for a way out of wrong religious doctrine, who have a burning desire to serve God more fully, but who are not able too. 

False religious doctrine still holds many women back. Many women still believe the husband is ‘head of the house’ and this keeps them in bondage, also placing an unfair burden on their menfolk.

I believe God is highlighting this. He wants us to consider in our prayers the role we can play to encourage women to be all they are meant to be. God is highlighting this issue to me, therefore there must be a problem that He wants to address at this time. 

Be encouraged! God is good!

Love and blessings,

Rev Glenice Mills
WAA Coordinator Australia

Bonita Mills